Mango Mousse Recipe
Our Special Family Recipe

This delicious mango mousse recipe is tried and tested and consistently comes up as the best.  All of us in our family make this special recipe for mango mousse and it comes from my sister-in-law, Margaret.

Mango mousse an easy dessert recipe

You'll find that there are tens of dozens of mango mousse versions but we ladies in our family all agree, Margaret's recipe is the best as it is not just super easy, but has the right firmness of texture and is not overly sweet.

Margaret's Mango Mousse Recipe

This recipe makes 6 generous serves of dessert.

You'll require for this recipe:

2 large mangoes

1 pkt orange jello crystals

1 pkt pinapple jello crystals

2 ts gelatine

2 eggs, beaten lightly

3 cups just boiled water

300 ml evaporated milk

Here is the simple process:

Remove the skin and seed from the mango and cut the flesh into cubes. Lay them evenly on the base of the mold.

Pour the jello crystals and gelatine powder into a jug together with the hot just boiled water and stir till the crystals are completely dissolved.

Break the eggs into a small cup and beat lightly and pour it in a thin stream into the boiling mixture. The hot water will cook the egg mixture, so don't worry about eating uncooked eggs. Stir in the eggs.

Pour in the can of evaporated milk and stir to combine.

Lastly, pour this mixture over the mango pieces in the mold.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours to set.

We find the result for this mango mousse recipe presents more attractively when the mold is smaller but deeper rather than a large shallow mold.


Substitute the mango in the recipe with apricots or nectarines.

Easy Recipes Tips

This delicious No Bake recipe takes just minutes to put together and looks sensational.

To make this for a dinner party, make the mango mousse in tea cups with generous slices of mango in each cup. You could have an eclectic array of "found" teacups which would make an lovely conversation piece at your party.

Be sure to cover well with cling wrap while it's chilling in the Fridge, afterall, you don't want bits of foreign matter accidentally falling into the mango mousse.

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