Rice Pudding Recipe
All Oozy, Milky And Comforting

This is my husband's favorite pudding - this milky oozy rice pudding recipe has "Comfort Food" written all over it.

The Best Comfort Food - Milky Rice Pud

Milky Rice Pudding Recipe

Rating: Very Easy
Hands-On Time: 5 minutes
Hands-Off Time: 60 minutes
Ingredients: 4
Steps: 1

The wonderful thing about cooking a pudding for dessert is ...it is so incredibly simple!

Yes, when I say, there is one step in this recipe - it's exactly that - one step.

All that is necessary is to put all the ingredients in a deep saucepan, give it a stir, turn the heat onto low and walk away for an hour.

Rice Pudding Recipe - The Ultimate Comfort Food

This recipe makes sufficient for 8 serves of pudding.

Serve with a generous dollop of your favorite jam or maple syrup.

Just Add Prepare
• 1/2 cup uncooked rice grains

• 6 cups milk

• 2 cups water

• 4 heaped tbsp sugar

• Put all the ingredients in a deep saucepan. Turn the heat onto high to bring it up to a high temperature, but do not let it bubble

• As soon as bubbles begin to form, turn the heat down immediately to very low so that it is only just simmering

• Cook on very low simmer for one hour or until the rice is extremely soft. Resist the urge to stir. Just let it simmer slowly, absorbing all the liquid while the rice grains break up

• Add more water if required. The mixture should look all gooey, thick and oozy. If it looks dry, add more water

On Low Simmer - Do Not Let it Boil

Rice Pudding Recipe - Do Not Let it Boil

Once it's ready, serve the delicious rice pudding in individual bowls with a generous dollop of strawberry jam or your choice of favorite jam.

You'll just love it.

Now, wasn't that a super easy pudding!


There is no need to stir the rice as it cooks. Just leave it to slowly simmer.

In fact, DON'T stir the pot. Resist the temptation to do so. When rice is stirred while cooking, it will stick to the pot and you'll have to keep on stirring to prevent the bottom of the pudding from burning.

It's the same whether you're cooking a Risotto or Congee, or just boiling rice. Don't stir the rice.

This is a milky pudding, so the same rule applies when dealing with dairy products - do not let the pudding boil at any time.

There's enough for leftovers and it is delicious cold the next day.

Rice Pudding Recipe - Low Simmer

This is a very comforting oozy, milky pudding.

If you'd like to glam it for visitors, serve with cream and homemade strawberry jam.

This Traditional Pudding Goes Perfectly With...

For a lovely simple budget meal that's delicious and simple to prepare, enjoy this pudding with traditional recipes such as a tasty meat loaf with garlic roast potatoes, roasted onions and pumpkin.

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