Mum's Roast Pork Recipe

This is my Mum's roast pork recipe - it's perfect in every way...a crunchy crackling and the meat is so moist. It cannot be more sensational!

This is my Mum's Famous Roast Pork

Mum's famous roast pork recipe

Mum's Roast Pork Recipe

This recipe makes enough for 10 servings.

This is an easy mains recipe and fits in well as part of a dinner party menu.

Here's what you need for this recipe:

•    2 kg pork for roasting

•    1/4 cup cooking vinegar

•    lots of salt, about 1/16 cup (that's 1/4 of a 1/4 cup)

•    roasting tray and baking dish

Here's how to prepare the roast:
•    Turn on the oven to preheat - 390F/ 200C fan forced

•    Line the baking tray with parchment or baking paper to make it easier for washing up

•    Place roasting tray on the lined baking tray

•    Dry the rind of your cut of pork with kitchen paper

•    Make deep cuts in the rind of the pork, about 5 cm apart

•    Rub generously with salt and vinegar. Rub it into the deep cuts

•    The salt and vinegar help the rind to blister and this is what makes perfect crackling

•    Put the prepared cut of meat on the roasting tray, rind side up

Now, bake it

•    Roast on high (200C) for 30 minutes. The rind should be golden brown and really crackly

•    Turn the oven down to 160C fan forced.  Roast for a further 1.5 hours

•    Take it out of the oven and let it rest for 10 minutes

Time to Carve The Roast

•    When it rests, the meat continues to cook inside

•    Don't carve it till it has rested and cooled sufficiently.  It's then firmer and much easier to carve

•    Cut off the crackling first by cutting under that layer. If you think it needs to dry out more, put just the layer of crackling back on the roasting tray and into the hot oven for another 15 minutes.

•    This means you get the crunchiest crackling while not over cooking your dinner.

•    Carve the meat against the grain. This is so that the meat fibers are shorter and easier to chew.

Your roast for dinner is perfect!

The crackling is crunchy, just the way it should be.

Take care that the meat is cooked all the way through as pork must be thoroughly cooked.

The accompaniment for roast pork is apple sauce and we've found raspberry jam is just as good.  These sweet fruit sauces bring out the flavors of roast pork.

You can use left overs from roast recipes in sandwiches the next day for snacks or for lunch.

Easy Recipes Tips

Remember, pork should be cooked well and all the way through. So, if it is pink in the middle, it means it is not cooked sufficiently.  If so, return it to the oven and continue baking.

Large cuts of roast will take longer as the heat needs to get to the center of the cut. 

Generally, a 2 pound/1 kg cut of meat is ideal for a family of 4. This takes only 1 hour to roast.

Don't cover the pork with foil or any sort of covering material when baking as then, the crackling will not be crunchy.

Enjoy this delicious roast pork recipe for a wonderful family meal!

Leave Mum's Roast Pork Recipe to be inspired by hundreds of delicious yet ever so easy recipes that will have the family running home to dinner!