The Secret to Tasty Easy Hamburger recipes

Easy hamburger recipes are a must in your repertoire of easy recipes. Hamburgers are good, healthy, nutritious meals providing you only ever purchase premium grade ground beef patties.

All hamburger recipes are the layering of ingredients on buns and here's our secret for tasty easy hamburger recipes.

Easy hamburger recipes are the layering of ingredients. keep it healthy by using only top quality meat patties.

No Oil Please!

The hamburgers we make are not cooked in oil, have no butter added to the buns and are the perfect meal with carbohydrates and fiber in the hamburger bun and vegetables, protein in the premium grade ground beef patty and egg, full of vitamins and minerals with the fresh lettuce and tomato, and dairy with low fat cheese slices.

We cook our burgers in a non-stick large electric fry pan so as to be able to quickly cook 8 burgers at a time. It just saves so much time when you have a large non-stick cooking surface.

Keep it crunchy!

Easy hamburger recipes are about layering with available ingredients, but the key to a  great hamburger is to keep the bread or toast crunchy, with crunchy lettuce, and to have a soft center of a well cooked but soft patty and juicy runny egg.

For maximum freshness, toast the bread or buns only just as they're about to be served.

The Secret Is The Contrast In Textures and Flavors

  • Toasted hamburger buns - toast the inside "face" of the split bun in the grill or just pop sliced bread in the toaster. So as to reduce the intake of fat, don't spread butter on the buns or toast. It also stays crunchier without a spread.
  • The Best Quality Meat . Buy only premium grade ground beef patties.  For fast cooking, cook them in a non-stick electric fry pan and there is no need to add any oil at all.  Be sure to cook them on a moderate heat and not too high or it'll burn.
  • The Crunch Of A Crispy Lettuce Leaf - be sure it is well dried so that it retains its crunch. Always use a salad spinner to dry lettuce without bruising.
  • Fry eggs without oil or fat. I cook in the eggs in the non-stick pan, after the patties are cooked. There'll be sufficient oil released from the meat to coat the pan. There's no need to add extra oil.
  • Tasty fried bacon - optional - cook in the non-stick pan without adding oil or fat. Be sure to trim off all fat before cooking. Cook quickly to prevent the meat drying out.
  • Fry sliced mushrooms - optional - cook in the same pan as the patties. There will be sufficient oil from the patties to cook the mushrooms
  • Tomato Slices and Pineapple Rings - add a tasty contrast
  • Other ingredients - fried onion, low fat cheese slices, slices of pickled onion or pickled cucumber
  • sauces - tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, hot mustard, Dijon mustard or seeded mustard. But we find the burger just as tasty without any sauces. Of course, it is much healthier as well.

Keep it healthy!

Easy hamburger recipes can be healthy hamburgers when oil is omitted in the cooking process and when the best grade of ground beef or patty mince is used.

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