Easy Cheap Recipe
Ham Steaks Grilled With
Beer Cheese n' Mustard Topping

To make this easy cheap recipe, I purchased two packets of ham steaks, with 4 steaks in each pack for just $2 each! What a terrific bargain!

Ham Steaks Grilled With A Topping Of Ale, Cheese And Mustard

Rating: Easy
Hands-On Time: 20 minutes
Ingredients: 4
Steps: 2


Brown Ham Steaks

Make the topping by breaking up the crumbly cheese with mustard powder and ale. Mix till it is a fairly even but rough consistency

Spread the cheese topping on the ham steaks
Then pop them under the grill on high for 5 minutes

Fry some eggs in the meantime

Beautiful, straight out of the grill

Serve with baked beans, eggs and toast

Grilled Ham Steak Recipe

Makes 6 - 8 servings

Just Add Prepare
• 8 rounds of ham steak (that's usually 2 packets of 4)

• 6 oz/ 180 gm tasty crumbly Cheese, eg: Mersey Valley Cheese

• 1 1/2 generous tbs Dijon Mustard powder (less if you like a subtler flavor)

• 4 tbs stout or brown ale (I used the beer in our fridge)

• In a hot electric frypan, brown both sides of the ham steaks

• In the meantime, mix together the remainder of the ingredients using a large fork to break up the cheese

• Spread the cheese mixture on top of the browned ham steaks

• Grill on high for 5 minutes to melt and brown the cheese

Serve immediately.

We had this tasty recipe served with fried eggs and baked beans on toast. It was a scrumptious lunch!


Use a non-stick fry pan so as to avoid using oil in your cooking

Cook the eggs on the pan while the ham steaks are in the grill.

You can pop the toast in the toaster and warm up the baked beans in the microwave oven concurrently


This easy cheap recipe makes for a delightful lunch.