A Jamie Oliver Recipe
Sensational Egg Tagliatelle

This is a Jamie Oliver recipe from his book, Jamie at Home. Click on the link to watch the video of Jamie making this wonderfully easy recipe.

4 steps in how to make egg tagliatelle

A Jamie Oliver Recipe

Homemade Egg Tagliatelle

From his book, Jaime at Home

You'll need for the pasta:

100 gm  pasta flour per person

1 egg per 100 gm  flour

extra flour for dusting


Here's the Jamie Oliver instructions:

Into the food processor add the flour then crack in the egg.

Pulse it up and Jamie tells us to listen out for the change in sound. When it sounds like a rumble, it means that the dough is coming together. That's when to turn the power off, test the dough by pinching it and if it's a little sticky, add a little more flour and pulse again.

Tip it onto a floured board and knead till smooth. If you're making enough for 4 persons, this is when you break it up into 4 parts to wind it through the pasta machine.

Start with the thickest setting and run it through closer and closer about 4 - 5 times, till it is about the thickness of a CD and it is silky smooth.

Watch the video and you'll see how Jamie flours the flat pastry, rolls it up and slices it up into 1 cm strips.

See how he adds more flour then tosses them gently with his fingers running through the pasta, opening it up.

There you are, a lovely pile of tagliatelle.

Place this to one side and start with the next batch of dough.

Cook in the usual manner, with loads of rapidly boiling water.

Sophia Browne loves making fresh pasta and it's her photos on this page.  She tells us there's nothing like fresh pasta and that it is incredibly simple to make.

You'll find wonderfully delicious yet so easy recipes in the Jamie Oliver hardback book, Jamie at Home. This easy recipe can be found on page 32.

I love easy recipes like this - delicious and looks fabulous!

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