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Jamie At Home: Cook Your Way To The Goodlife  is a hardback recipe book, packed full of his charming stories about his meals he cooks with his family and his homespun tips on his kitchen garden. Jamie Oliver's book reconnects us to food in season and is full of tips on organic gardening.

Jamie at Home is a beautiful book, filled with charming tales and tasty fresh simple meal ideas!

Jamie at home

I was given this Jamie Oliver book for Christmas and I've enjoyed reading it like a novel.  Jamie's shares his stories in his practical down to earth manner, and clearly he enjoys talking and educating folk about healthy and delicious eating, while being practical and realistic.

Jamie has a cheeky sense of humor that shines through his stories and he tells us about having an "affair" behind his wife's back - and that's with his kitchen garden at home! But, oh, you can tell he loves his garden. He relishes sharing about worms, compost and getting his fingernails dirty.

Here a Jamie video that I just love. He's at home, or rather a studio made to look rustic and homely and he's teaching us in a 9 minute video how to make homemade egg tagliatelle. This is a must watch video - it's so simple and easy to do!  ...and naturally, Jamie is so much fun! Oh, just click on the link and it'll take you to the Jamie Oliver recipe.

Back to reviewing the cookbook.

There have been negative comments about pictures about the dead rabbit, but com' on... food does not come grown in  packaging. Get over it! Jamie's connecting us to food sources and the seasonality of produce. It's time we were re-educated about where our food comes from and how it's grown.

I thoroughly recommend this book for the simple, luscious and delicious meal plans and the fact that the photos are simply beautiful to browse through.  If you're a gardener or would like to think you are, you'll love his stories about his garden.

He writes with such passion and earthiness!

What I've cooked from "Jamie At Home"

I've cooked some other recipes of Jamie's from his other cook books and they've always turned out just perfect.


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