Easy Lasagne
Photo Tutorial For Pumpkin and Spinach Lasagne

We'll learn, on this page how to put together the delicious but incredibly easy lasagne.

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easy lasagne with pumpkin and spinach

To Make This Easy Lasagne
We've Learned:

We've now learned how to made the white sauce or bechamel.

learn how to make white sauce

The pumpkin's beautifully roasted with lots of herbs and garlic.

Learn how to roast pumpkin

And the store bought frozen spinach is now thawed and flavored with herbed oils

spinach for an easy vegetarian lasagna

Now, Let's Put This Together

Firstly preheat the oven to 450F/225 C.

Using a soup ladle, spoon a thin layer of bechamel into the ovenproof rectangular dish.

A thin amount of white sauce at the base of the easy lasagne

Layer with instant uncooked lasagne sheets.

Top with roasted pumpkin

a layer of pumpkin and lasagne sheets for this easy lasagne

Top with lasagne sheets.

Spoon the white sauce over the pasta taking care to spread the sauce over the entire sheet of pasta. The sheets will absorb the liquid from the sauce and will soften so it is important that all parts are covered with the liquid.

layers in this easy lasagne of pumpkin, spinach and white sauce

Layer with the seasoned spinach.

Top with lasagne.

Spoon all the sauce over, emptying the entire contents of the pot into the lasagne dish.

the last layer of this easy lasagne

Top with shredded cheese.

Top the easy lasagne with shredded cheese

Bake for 45 minutes till the top is a lovely golden brown.

Allow to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

The easy lasagne baked

Tips From Easy Recipes

The White Sauce

Lasagne recipes are really so easy once you know how to make the white sauce. All lasagne recipes only require the sandwiching together of your favorite fillings, whether it is meat or vegetable.

...and naturally, for healthy recipes, we omit the use of saturated fats so, I avoid using butter and substitute instead with a good quality olive or rice bran oil. It's not just healthy cooking but our hips will thank us.

Lasagne Sheets

I know many people think lasagne is too difficult to make at home because of the fuss of cooking the pasta sheets. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The lasagne sheets are laid UNCOOKED, dry and straight from the box into the layers of lasagne and filling. It is the bechamel spooned over generously that adds the liquid component to cook the pasta.

So, for all lasagna recipes, be certain to coat the pasta completely with a thin layer of bechamel.

Bon apetit!

Leave Easy Lasagne to be inspired by hundreds of sensationally tasty and healthy yet incredibly easy recipes.