Birthday CupCakes

Our featured cook, Sophia Brown made these sensational Birthday Cupcakes in the shape of elegant stiletto shoes!

Oh no, these are by no means of the imagination, easy recipes, but they look so fantastic, I had to include them in our range of party food.

Display of elegant birthday cupcakes

How Sophia made these elegant birthday cupcakes.

Sophia shares how she made these cupcakes for a birthday celebration into the shape of shoes.

  • Firstly make the cupcakes. She used her mother's red velvet cupcake recipe

  • Frost them beautifully, and do the same for the sponge fingers

  • Apply individual decorations. See how Sophia has used delicate little sugar balls.

  • Then arrange them into the shape of a high heeled slipper using a rolled chocolate wafer as the heel

  • Ice the birthday greetings on the display platform.
cupcakes iced

sponge fingers iced

Cupcakes arranged and birthday greetings iced

Heaven only knows how she transported the wonderful cupcakes to her friend Denise's birthday party!

Oh, Denise is a shoe aficianado - hence the birthday shoe theme.

This work is beautiful!  Sophia makes the most divine cakes and cupcakes with inventive decorations for frosting and these birthday cakes surpass her work to date.



To recreate this delightful display of birthday cupcakes, you'd require skills primarily in frosting and a careful hand in decoration. The easy way to achieve this effect would be to commission a person with Sophia's skills in cake decoration, to create this.

Note the careful detail. None of it is likely to have been easy - to place the little balls, ice the delicate petals on the cup cakes, evenly ice the text for the greeting and the careful placment and arrangment of each shoe.

In my opinion the most fetching part of this display of cupcakes is that the colors do not "match".  Bright blue, in-your-face yellow, shocking pink, cannot miss green! This is a cacophony of bright, vibrant colors and more than likely I suspect, is reflective of her friend's personality and just right for a celebratory birthday.

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This is WOW work!

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