Easy Chicken Breast Recipes
Chicken Cacciatore

Easy chicken breast recipes include this very simple to make Chicken Cacciatore.  My recipe is a yummy one pot meal made in 20 minutes.

Easy Chicken Breast Recipes - Chicken Caciatorre

Remember, fine grained meat like chicken breast needs to be cooked quickly otherwise it becomes overcooked and coarse.

Absolutely yummy!

Easy Chicken Breast Recipes
Chicken Caciatorre

This recipe serves 6 persons.

Serve with fluffy white rice.

•    2 lb/1 kg chicken breast meat, cut chunkily
•    2 onions, sliced
•    2 zucchini, diced small
•    10 mushrooms, sliced
•    2 cans x 14 oz/400gm diced tomatoes
•    2 tbsp chicken stock powder
•    3 tbsp sugar
•    2 tbsp flour
•    salt and pepper to taste

Here's how to put this delicious meal together:

•    Into a hot non-stick fry pan, saute onions and mushrooms
•    Add in chicken meat and brown. Add the zucchini
•    Add the flour and seasonings, fry for a couple of minutes
•    Tip in all the contents of the tins of tomatoes
•    Turn the heat down to moderate, allow to simmer for 5 - 10 minutes till the sauce is thick and the chicken cooked.

Serve with fluffy hot rice.

Now, how easy was that!  This meal is so delicious, your family will keep coming back for more.

Tips From Easy Recipes

Use a non-stick fry pan so as to avoid using oil in your cooking.

Start cooking the rice in the rice cooker firstly, so that the rice will be ready just when as chicken meal is cooked.

When cooking with breast meat, cook quickly so that the delicate meat is not overcooked.  There's not much internal fat in breast tissue and that's why if overcooked the texture becomes dry and stringy.

Saute the mushrooms and zucchini well and add seasonings only when the mushrooms are cooked. Never add seasoning to mushrooms before they're cooked as it starts to sweat and it will be an ozzy overly wet meal.

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