Easy Chicken Casserole Recipe

Here's Grandma's easy chicken casserole recipe,  a wonderful old fashioned recipe that produces a lovely browned chicken with a thick wholesome sauce.

I make this a healthy recipe by using very little if any oil at all and substitute cream and flour with Lite cream cheese.

These are casserole dishes - they're oven proof and come in various sizes. My family prefers the Corningware brand of oven-proof dishes.

corningware casserole dishes

Grandma's Easy Chicken Casserole Recipe

This recipe serves 8 persons.

This casserole is delicious served with fluffy white rice and steamed greens. 

You'll need:
•    8 chicken thigh fillets, cut into chunks
•    1 onion, diced
•    4 tsp paprika
•    3 tbsp flour, mixed in 1 cup water
•    salt and pepper to taste
•    2 chicken stock cubes
•    2 cups white wine
•    1 cup sour cream
•    2 sticks celery, diced
•    2 carrots, diced

Here is how Grandma put this tasty casserole together:

•    Preheat oven to 400F/200C
•    In a hot pan, brown chicken meat in a little cooking oil.
•       Remove chicken onto a plate on kitchen paper to drain
•       Add to the fry pan, diced onions and saute till soft
•       Add flour, paprika, seasoning and stir for a minute
•       Add stock cube and water. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens
•       Lower the heat, add wine and sour cream. Simmer for 5 minutes but do not allow it to boil
•    Put the chicken and diced celery and carrots into a large casserole dish, or into two casserole dishes, making sure to fill it only to 3/4 full, so that the liquid does not bubble over
•    Pour over creamy sauce
•    Cover, bake for 1 hour

Grandma's easy chicken casserole recipe is the Old Fashioned way of preparing a good casserole, with meat that's fried till brown and a lovely thick sauce made with rich, delicious sour cream and flour. It's a perfect dinner party dish as it looks terrific and tastes sensational!

Serve piping hot with fluffy white rice and just steamed greens like snow peas or broccoli.  Greens are best when they are only "just" cooked and they retain a little crunch.

Tips From Easy Recipes

If you don't have a large casserole dish, use two casseroles.

If you're after a simple one pot casserole, my trusty favorite which is a one pot meal and is simply not fussy is shared with you here - One Pot Easy Chicken Casserole.

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