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Delicious Easy Lasagna Recipe

Really Easy Lasagna Recipe

This easy lasagna recipe makes 2 large trays, enough for 14 generous servings. By the way, while this is a simple recipe, it does take longer than 20 minutes.  This uncomplicated lasanga is the layering of bolognaise sauce, bechamel and sheets of lasagna straight out of the box.

Easy Recipes Rating:  Although there are 3 steps, this recipe is uncomplicated

Step 1:  Make Bolognaise Sauce

Just Add:

• 1 kg premium beef mince

• 4 carrots diced

• 1 large onion, diced

• 1/4 cup red wine vinegar

• 4 tspn sugar

• 6 tspn plain flour

• 700 ml passata

• 2 x 400gm cans of diced tomatoes

• 2 stock cubes

• Fry onions then add mince.

• Cook for 10 minutes.

• Add carrots, vinegar and sugar, cook for a couple of minutes.

• Add flour, mix in well and stir till it thickens a little.

• Add the remaining ingredients.

• Cook for 15 minutes.

• Add salt, pepper, sugar as necessary to suit your taste.

• Leave this in the pot while you make the white/bechamel sauce.

Step 2: Make Bechamel

• 100 gm butter

• 2 heaped tbspn plain flour

• 6 cups milk

• Melt butter on low to moderate heat.

• Add flour, cook for a couple of minutes. It will look like small pieces of breadcrumbs.

• Pour in the milk all at once.

• Keep stirring till there are no lumps and the sauce thickens. This will take about 13 - 15 minutes. It's important that the milk does not boil.

Step 3: Assemble Then Cook Lasagna

• 2 lasagna or rectangular oven dishes

• 12 instant large lasagna sheets - 6 sheets for each tray

• 500 gm shredded tasty cheese

• 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

• Turn oven on to 190C.

• Spoon one layer of bechamel into each of the lasagna trays

• Add three dry instant lasagna sheets straight from the box.

• Top with a layer of bolognaise sauce, then cheese

• Repeat - one layer of lasagna sheets, followed by a layer of white then meat sauce

• Top with a last layer of lasagna sheets

• Pour the bechamel over the top

• Sprinkle over with parmesan cheese.

• Cook for 35 minutes till the top is nicely brown.

• Leave to rest for 10 minutes.

Easy Recipes Tips
For Our Easy Lasagna Recipe

  • This dish is ideal for freezing, so make one and freeze the other tray for later use

  • Lasagna is superb served hot with a crisp green salad and crusty bread

  • Include carrots in the recipe for meat sauce to give it texture and body

  • If you don't have a lasagna dish, use a rectangular oven proof dish with deep sides

  • Don't overfill the dish as it will bubble over otherwise the bubbling over will mess up your oven

  • Put the dry lasagna sheets, straight from the box into the dish. There's no need to pre-cook

  • The recipe for bechamel sounds scary, but it is really easy to make. The white sauce takes about 15 minutes to make and that is the fussiest part as you do have to constantly stir it.

  • This is a no fuss, easy lasagna recipe. Just make the sauce in a pot with tinned tomatoes and purchased passata. You'll make this recipe in no time at all

  • The assembly for this recipe, is straight forward, as it's just layering of the pasta, sauces and cheese.

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