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No Fuss Bruschetta

Here's another of my fast and easy recipes. This no-fuss Bruschetta is my simple and easy way to make a quick and tasty snack for the family.

If you are looking for the traditional Bruschetta recipe - this is not it. With a proper Bruschetta, toast Cabiatta bread, grill the seasoned tomatoes, rub the bread with garlic, which is all too fussy for me.

Easy Snack - No Fuss Bruschetta

This recipe makes 8 serves allowing 2 pieces of toast per person.

Adjust this recipe as suits.

Just Add Prepare
• 8 slices of sandwich bread

• 2 large round or Roma tomatoes, sliced into rounds

• 1/4 cup of Feta cheese

• salt, pepper, sugar

• a little olive oil

• In a flat bowl, place sliced tomatoes and season with salt, pepper, a dash of sugar and a sprinkling of olive oil

• Gently combine so that the seasoning is well soaked in

• Toast bread. If you're being fancy, trim the crusts then toast

• Spread a little Feta cheese on each slice of toast

• Cut toast into triangles

• Pop on each triangle a slice of seasoned tomato. Sprinkle a little of the left over oil and seasoning on each

• Tuck in and enjoy!

Now, wasn't that the quickest of fast and easy recipes?

My No-Fuss Bruschetta is tasty and made in no time at all.


Take care not to spread too much Feta Cheese. It is a very strong tasting cheese. Just a little will do.

If you prefer a milder cheese, use Haloumi Cheese. This is a semi-hard cheese made from goats and cows' milk.

If you want to be fancy, use thickly sliced Ciabatta bread and toast under the grill.


Wishing you happy cooking!

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No Fuss Bruschetta

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