Learn How To Separate Eggs

Once you've learned how to separate eggs, you can make all sorts of delicious and super easy recipes like coconut macaroons.

Egg Wash, which is the term for the separated egg whites is used to brush over pastry or pie crust to seal and to brown it to a beautiful golden brown.

separated eggs in two bowls

Step 1: Place bowls side by side

OK, the first thing to do is to place two clean small bowls right next to each other, side by side just like in this photo.  I've picked up any ol' small container and used two tea cups on the kitchen bench.

The objective is to separate the eggs so that the whites go into one bowl and the yolk in another. 

It's simple. Really.

Step 2: Make the crack 1/3: 2/3

The trick is to crack the egg 2/3's of the way up. So this is what you do.

Hold it so that the narrow tip is facing upwards and the round larger end is facing the bottom. Imagine where a line 2/3 of the way from the bottom might be. So, that means you'll be cracking it about 1/3 way from the tippy end.

Now holding it directly over one of the bowls, crack it at the 1/3: 2/3  imaginary line.

Step 3: Allow whites to flow out

Immediately, hold it upright with the round end towards the bottom.  Remove but don't discard yet the 1/3 top of the shell.

The clear transparent part called egg-white will start pouring out of the broken shell and into the bowl.

Because you've held the 2/3 section upright, the yolk is neatly caught in the larger portion and does not pour out on being cracked. Isn't this a neat trick!

Allow the whites to run out and when you're a little more confident, tip the larger portion over little by little to allow more of the whites to run out.  You can use the 1/3 top part of the shell like a lid to stop the yolk from dropping out if tipped a little too far.

Step 4: The Yolk

Once the whites have run out of the shell, empty the yolk into the other bowl.  There you are... you've learned how to separate eggs!

Separate the other eggs by repeating this process.

That's it!

Learn how to separate eggs so that you can make delicious coconut macaroons and pavlovas.

egg wash, beaten lightly

Easy Recipes Tips

Here's whites from 2 lots of eggs in a bowl, beaten lightly with a fork. This is called egg-wash and is used to seal pie crust for baking blind - this means the pastry is sealed with egg-wash and baked first before the filling goes in. This application prevents the filling from making the crust go all soggy.

Use this tip for all your pies. It's such an easy to use secret but many people don't know this easy tip.

egg white with pastry brush

You can see in this picture, my trusty old pastry brush. This is what I use to apply egg-wash to pastry. When brushed over the top of pie crust, it browns just beautifully, a lovely golden brown. 

Try it  - the part of a pie without the wash comes out quite palid in color and the other part brushed with egg-white is just the most appetizing shade of golden brown.

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