Easy Apple Recipes

Easy apple recipes make for wonderful, tasty budget meals. Apples are inexpensive and rich in vitamins and fiber.


Apple recipes made with pastry are best eaten immediately while the pastry is crunchy. It tends to go soft if left to the next day, so don't make too many.

Use non stick cookie sheets and bake ware or alternatively line and grease parchment or baking paper, so that the apple turnovers can be removed easily without sticking to the baking tin

Apply egg wash liberally. This helps the browning process.

For added interest, add some berries to the apple mixture.

Dad tells us that cooking apples in Lancashire, in the days prior to WW II, were Bramleys. These are large apples about the size of a small child's head!

Dad reminisces about the wonderful variety of apples he could buy in bushels from the market in Manchester such as the delicious Pippin Cox Apples - these apples, which used to be commonly available, tasted of oranges. It seems that Cox's Orange Pippin Apple is the classic English apple and is the finest dessert apple.

He tells us it was such a shame that hundreds of acres of apple orchards were pulled out to grow standard varieties of apples. No doubt this was done in the name of commerce and efficiency.

Frankly, there's nothing better than good, simple, uncomplicated home cooking like the meals Grandma made - these were all uncomplicated easy recipes that taste wholesome and just full of natural goodness.

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