King Rice Bran Oil

King Rice Bran Oil, 33.8-Ounce

About King Rice Bran Oil

  • "King" Rice Bran Oil comes in a 33.8 ounce plastic bottle

  • It is 100% pure rice bran

  • From non-GMO ( Not Genetically Modified) rice

  • This King product is high in mono un-saturated fats

  • The subtle light flavor of this King oil makes this ideal for use in salads, dips or for popcorn, baking cakes, cookies and breads

  • No flavor is imparted to cooking so is suitable for delicate recipes or for cold applications

  • For example, use this King oil in a light coleslaw dressing with white wine vinegar

  • While it is advertised to have a high smoke point of 490 deg F (254C), it seems the smoke point is a little lower at 446 deg F (230C). Nonetheless, still a pretty high smoke point.  Smoke point does matter as I understand heating an oil past its smoke point generates free radicals and toxic fumes

  • This product is available as an add-on item to allow purchases to get past a qualifying amount for free or discounted shipping and handling.

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