Pumpkin Cake Recipes

Pumpkin Cakes For Dessert

All our pumpkin cake recipes are incredibly simple to prepare. As with all our easy recipes, we prefer a cake where the ingredients are thrown into a pot, combined then poured into non-stick bake ware and baked.

Our philosophy is that cooking a delicious meal can be achieved in the fewest possible steps. As a result, we favor baked treats like these pumpkin cakes, as all it takes is to mix the batter and then walk away while the oven does its job.

In these busy modern times, we just don't have the time to fuss around in the kitchen. So, I don't waste time on a cake that would require bits and bobs of bowls and pans as it just means unnecessary washing up. Our focus is to create delicious treats and meals using a simple no-fuss process.

Gourmet meals are wonderful, but I'd rather if someone else did the work!

Cooking with pumpkin is so very easy and it picks up and absorbs neighbouring flavors. Just take care to note if the recips call for pumpkin puree or just stewed pumpkin pieces. While cooked till tender, bits of stewed fruit that hold their shape add character and interest to a pumpkin cake.

Leave Pumpkin Cake Recipes to explore and be inspired by the hundreds of delicious super easy recipes!