Ounce Conversion For Easy Recipes

To save time, keep this ounce conversion table in a handy location. It will help you convert common recipe ingredients from ounce or metric to cup proportions. This saves time in preparation, having eliminated the step of weighing on scales and the related washing up.

Now, you won't need to bother with kitchen scales

Use this handy weight converter for conversion of most denominations including ounce, grams, kilograms, pounds. Use the drop down menus to select the desired denomination measure.


Weights of ingredients CANNOT be calculated into cup measures. For example a cu. of brown sugar is clearly heavier than the same volume of flour.

These need to be measured.

Click here for weights of common recipe ingredients for their ounce conversion to cup.

Volume and Capacity:

For conversions of volume into standard cu. sizes, click here to for Cup Conversions.  Note that standard c. sizes for in the US are a little smaller than British cups.  We use US sized measures on this site as most of our readers are from the US.

Ounce Conversion To Cup
Common Ingredients

The conversion of these measurements are rounded for the sake of convenience. For accurate measures, use a traditional measuring cup and measure the conversion to ounce on scales.


Flour (Plain and Self Raising)

Brown Sugar

Sugar (common, granulated)

Rice (grains, uncooked)

Oats (uncooked)

Macaroni/Pasta (uncooked)

Nuts (chopped)

Breadcrumbs (dry, from packet)

1 pound/16 ounces

4 cups

2 2/3  cups

2 1/3 cups

2 1/3 cups

5 1/3 cups

3  1/5 cu.

3 cu.

3 cu.

1/2 pound/8 ounces

2 cups

1 1/3 cups

1 1/6 cups

1 1/5 cups

2 2/3 cups

1 2/3 cu.

1 1/2 cu.

1 1/2 cu.

1/3 pound/5 ounces

1 1/4 cup

4/5 cup

3/4 c.

4/5 c.

1 3/4 c.

1 c.

1 c.

1 c.

Handy Ounce To Metric Conversion Table

Caution: The conversion calculations below are rounded for convenience.

2.2 pounds/ 35 oz

1.1 pounds/ 17.5 oz

1 pound/ 16 oz

3/4 pound/12 oz

1/2 pound/ 8 oz

1/3 pound/ 5.33 oz

1/4 pound/ 4 oz

1 ounce

2 ounces

1 kilo/ 1000 grams

1/2 kilo/ 500 grams

453 grams (commonly rounded to 450 grams)

1/3 kilo/ 333 grams

226 grams

151 grams

113 gm.

28 gm.

56 gm.

Pound = lb.
Ounce = oz.
Kilogram = kg.
gram = gm.
Cup = cu. or c.

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