Easy Healthy Chicken Recipes

Our healthy chicken recipes are simply delicious and ever so easy to prepare. The secret with easy healthy cooking is to use fresh quality produce so that you enjoy the taste of Mother Nature - sunshine, fresh air and the flavor of natural goodness.

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Healthy Chicken
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The Secret To Healthy Chicken Recipes

The key to healthy eating is to reduce the amount of added fat and to eat fresh natural produce without preservatives and additives.

healthy chicken recipes

...and chicken...well, most people regard this as healthy and it is, providing you take the time to remove the skin and fat attached to the meat.

So, when you cook  wonderful roast chicken, please be sure not to add any extra oil or butter to the roasting pan as the chicken skin and fat is sufficient. To keep it moist though, when roasting, be sure to cover the breast. I used to cover the chicken with aluminum foil but now that it has been reported aluminum at high temperatures leaks the metal into the food, I now cover roasts with thick long pieces of bacon. 

Now, to reduce your consumption of fat, sit the chicken on a wire tray in the pan so that fat drips away from your roast.

The result you'll find is a  beautiful, moist, chicken roast.

Likewise when you're looking at using fresh chicken in soups, always, be sure to remove all the skin and fat. Chicken skin and fat is full of cholesterol, which is mighty nasty for all of us.

Chicken meat is so healthy for us as long as we take the trouble to only ever purchase meat with skin and fat removed.

What I do at home is use heavy kitchen scissors to trim away chicken skin and fat. To make your work easy in the kitchen, there's no question...kitchen scissors are so much more convenient than a knife, and it's done in no time at all.

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