Pumpkin Desserts
Sensational n' Easy

Here's our gallery of sensational pumpkin desserts. As with all our easy recipes, these are no-fuss desserts yet present beautifully and taste divine!

Enjoy these elegant desserts including sophisticated cakes, tasty pumpkin bars and super easy no-bake pumpkin pies. These will be a welcome sweet after a tasty main meal for dinner.

The wonderful thing about this fruit is that it is so easy to cook and has a subtle flavor that blends in naturally with nearby ingredients. For example, you must try the easiest of all the recipes - pumpkin cobbler - now, talk about "Easy". This is so tasty and takes the prize for no-fuss recipes.

Desserts would not be complete without pies with whipped cream or ice-cream. These recipes are just so yummy more-ish. We use a short-cut method in handling pie crust that makes easy work for pie desserts.

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