Easy Cookie Recipes

All the easy cookie recipes on this site are made in a saucepan.

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Easy Cookies
Made In A Saucepan

Yes, you read that correctly - Our "more-ish" cookies are so easy to prepare they're mixed up in a large bowl and I just use a saucepan.

I've learned over the years, for small quantities, not to fuss with electric mixers and hassle around creaming butter and sugar. Mind you, though, when you're making large quantities, there is nothing like a food processor to make work easier and quicker.

To quickly make cookies, it works just as well to melt butter in a saucepan and then add sugar and the remainder of the ingredients to the pan.

It is important to use MODERATE heat - you don't want to burn the butter.

Just keep stirring till the butter melts then take it off the heat immediately. As you keep stirring, the mixture thickens. It doesn't take long at all and this is procedure is so very simple.

Use the same saucepan to mix in your eggs and flour!

I love this simple and uncomplicated method - It really is one-pot cooking.

Melting Moments from a Heritage Recipe


Baked cookies should be stored in an airtight container so as to retain its freshness. They should last about 3 days stored in a cool larder. But don't refrigerate baked cookies - they'll go all soggy.

Cookies are ideal to present as gifts. Present them in a container wrapped with clear cellophane paper and a bright cheery ribbon.

Before handling a cookie mixture to shape them, rub your hands in a little flour. It makes much easier to work with the mixture.

Always handle the mixture lightly and quickly so that the cookie doesn't become too hard.

For all cookies, remove them from the baking paper with a spatula as soon as they can be handled to prevent them sticking.

If possible, use a non-stick cookie sheet. I've found that silicone non-stick bake ware is ideal as you then avoid the step of greasing and lining baking trays and pans.

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