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Homemade cookie recipes don't get easier and quicker than these honey cookies.

This is from our collection of sensationally easy recipes and it takes just 20 minutes from starting the process to pulling them out of the oven.

What I love about this homemade recipe, is it's made from just 4 ingredients and these are more than likely already in your pantry.

...and naturally as with most authentic homemade goodies, they are absolutely yummy!

I made these quickly last week when I realized there were no little treats for the kids' lunch boxes. So, I made these from ingredients that are always available in my pantry.

Afterall, it was 9 pm and I didn't feel like going to the supermarket at that hour.

In the pantry, I found plain flour, honey, butter and a shaker bottle of mixed spice and this meant the kids were able to have freshly baked homemade treats for their school lunches.

Honey Cookies

This homemade cookie recipe makes 40 sensational yummies.

Just Add Prepare
• 1 block/8 oz/250gm butter

• 1 cup honey

• 2 1/2 cups plain flour

• 1 tsp powdered ginger or mixed spice

• Preheat oven to 350F/180C

• Melt butter and honey in a saucepan over moderate heat. Combine well

• Take it off the heat as soon as the butter has melted.

• Add in flour and spices. Combine well till smooth

• Use a dessert spoon and spoon drops of batter onto greased baking trays. Be sure to leave sufficient room for them to spread

Bake for 10 minutes

Now, wasn't that truly one of the simplest of easy recipes!


You can make the cookie drops smaller and flatter so that the result is thinner, much like brandy snaps.

Alternatively if you prefer them chewy and "meaty", make the drops larger. The result is a thicker cookie.

Flatten them a little when spooning them onto the cookie sheet, so that they're an even thickness.

I recommend the use of non-stick cookie sheets so as to minimize work. Otherwise be certain to line the cookie tray with baking paper and be sure to grease it well.

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