Watch Out!
Read What's On The
Nutrition Label
Don't Consume These Additives

We all know we're supposed to read the nutrition label on the consumables we purchase, but we don't do we.

OK so, here's the low down. Here are the 5 Additives you NEVER want to consume.

Trans Fats

We know the common name as Trans Fats and we know it's bad, but the item that's on food packaging is Partially Hyrdogenated Oils.

Now, this stuff is bad for all of us.

Not only does this fat make us put on weight, but it clogs the arteries. It seems these types of bad fats may be somehow related to eye problems with the retina but more research has yet to be conducted.

We need fat in our diets, to moderation of course, but eat the real thing - olive oil, rice bran oil and good ol' butter.

BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)

What a wonderful invention this was - it's used extensively to prevent foods with oils in them from getting rancid.

In our modern age where it is the norm to consume packaged goods that have traveled thousands of miles, food manufacturers rely on chemicals such as BHA to prevent rancidity.

It goes without saying we're all consuming it.

What's so bad about BHA?

It seems research has found it causes cancer in rats and mice and that a published Japanese study has concluded this is "reasonably anticipated to be a carcinogen".

Read your nutrition labels and avoid this chemical.

Sodium Nitrite

Oh dear. Most of us consume this without even thinking.

This is a preservative that's used in processed meats to inhibit the growth of botulism bacteria and to maintain the pink color of meats.

It seems what's bad about this is that this chemical combines with our ingested amino acids to form nitrosamines which are powerful carinogenic compounds.

Now, this does not sound good at all.

But am I going to give up salami?

I suspect the practical course is to minimize our consumption of processed meats.

Caramel Coloring Mixed With Ammonia

Just the thought of this is awful!

Hey, we use ammonia as a powerful floor cleaner.

Now, it seems the food industry's recipe for caramel coloring is to boil sugar with ammonia and that's the color produced in soft drinks.

...and yep, you've guessed right - this process produces carcinogens.

This is yet another reason to curtail our consumption of sodas and soft drinks.


This chemical is used to prevent the growth of mold and yeast in foods. Again, this is another wonderful invention necessary for our modern day world where consumers demand packaged food products arrive un-blemished.

If we cared about food miles, we wouldn't now be worrying about parabens.

OK, so what's bad about this?

It seems studies have found the daily consumption of this chemical in rats reduced their sperm count and testosterone levels and traces of this chemical were found in breast cancer cells.


Chemicals, artificial preservatives and additives are just the norm - we consume these without a second's thought. This is just a fact of modern life where food miles are of no consequence.

But we are responsible for ourselves, and it's not the Government's fault or the fault of the food industry that these additives are used extensively in our food - industry is led by us, the consumers who demand preserved products.

My recommendation - let's go back to good, wholesome foods. Cook fresh food with easy recipes that do not over process natural ingredients.

Eat natural whole foods.

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