Cold Broccoli Salad Recipe

by Nina

Nina shares her simple but healthy and delicious salad of broccoli, red onion and radish salad with a yummy marinade.

One third head of raw broccoli cut in to Florets.

One third red onion, thinly sliced

One third bunch of raw/ fresh radish, thinly sliced

Here's what you need for the marinade for this cold broccoli salad

One third cup sesame oil
One third cup soya sauce
Two dessert spoons honey or to taste.

So you might want to increase or decrease soya or honey.

Pour on salad, mix and leave for half an hour.

Gen's comments:

Thank you Nina for sharing this wonderful healthy recipe!

It's perfect for this time of year, towards the end of summer when enjoying raw food is divine and it makes you feel so good to taste the sunshine.

I'll try your recipe this weekend. I like the combination of flavors and textures you suggest and the marriage of sharp radish with the subtle taste of broccoli florets sounds most appealing. Best of all, I like that it takes no effort at all!

I'm the sort of person who does not like waste, and I would save the stems of the unused head of broccoli. Peel away the thick outer skin and this reveals a soft but firm stem. Slice the stem thinly and use it in your stir fries. It is delicious with soya sauce.

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