Easy Chicken Breast Recipe

by Jessica
(Asheville NC)

Jessica from Asheville NC shares her delicious easy chicken breast recipe. It's a one pot meal tossed together with ziti, ragu and alfredo sauce.


Jessica's Chicken Breast Recipe


-Frozen chicken tenders thawed and cut into cubes (You can also use two cubed chicken breasts but I like the breaded chicken)

-Two broccoli Crown heads chopped

-One red pepper sliced

-1 Tbspn minced garlic


-Grated Parmesean Cheese

-Frank's Red Hot sauce

-1 Jar Ragu Alfredo Sauce

-1 Box whole grain Ziti


1) Boil water and cook the ziti for 10min or so or until tender

2)Put chopped broccoli in bowl with a 1/2cup water and loosely cover in the micro and cook for 4min then drain.

3) Sautee chopped pepper and garlic in frying pan with some olive oil or butter.

4)Either bake breaded chicken in oven according to package directions or sautee chopped raw chicken in pan with the pepper until no longer pink inside.

5)Mix the cooked ziti, broccoli, pepper and chicken into a big bowl and pour the alfredo sauce over it. Add pepper, parmesan cheese and hot sauce to your liking and enjoy!


We've tried Jessica's Easy Chicken Breast Recipe and declare it is a five star recipe!

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