Corn Salad Recipe

Make this delicious healthy corn salad recipe for a vibrant salad with a lovely balance of flavors and texture.

Corn Salad Recipe

To make this corn salad, you'll need these ingredients, which are readily available from any supermarket.

  • 1 x can /400 grams /14 ounces of corn kernels

  • 10 cherry tomatoes

  • 2 ripe avocados

  • 4 spring onions or shallots

  • 1 lemon

  • 1 tablespoon herbed olive oil

  • salt and pepper


Get together the ingredients for this salad recipe.

Corn Salad Recipe Ingredients

Drain the can of corn

To drain the can of corn kernels, pull open the can just a little. Tip the can of corn into the sink and let all the fluid drain away.

Tip the corn kernels into the salad serving platter.

can opened to allow draining

Prepare the avocado

Cut it in half. Remove the seed.
Peel back the skin and cut into  chunks.

peel avocado

Prepare the tomatoes

Halve the cherry tomatoes.

halve cherry tomatoes

Prepare the spring onions or shallots

Slice the spring onions or to make them a little fancy, slice them at an angle.

chop spring onions

Place them into the serving platter as they're prepared

corn salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado and spring onions

Toss to combine

Squeeze the lemon over the avocado as this helps to prevent browning.

Drizzle over with fragrant herbed olive oil.

Sprinkle over salt and pepper to your taste.

Toss to combine.

Serve immediately!

corn salad recipe

Tips For A Healthy Salad Recipe

  • Naturally, if fresh corn is available, use this in preference to canned corn. I love the fresh sweetness of corn in season.

  • How to select ripe avocados: An avocado is ripe if it is soft when pressed gently.  If it is too soft, this means it is over ripe.  Don't choose unripe fruit as the hard flesh is unpleasant to eat.

  • If you don't have cherry tomatoes, use tomatoes available and cut into small chunks, about the same size as the avocados.  You want to achieve balance by having salad ingredients about the same size.

  • Spring onions or shallots should be rinsed thoroughly before slicing to remove dirt. Remove the outer leaves if necessary. Trim off the roots firstly, then slice as desired. To make it fancy for salads, you could cut them at a steep angle.

  • Use herbed oils steeped in garlic or a sprig of rosemary. You can do this yourself by chopping up garlic, placing in a small bottle and filling with quality grade first press olive oil.  Do the same with any other herbs.

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