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Strawberry Jam Recipes

Looking for easy strawberry jam recipes? This one is a family favorite and we make it when there is a glut of strawberries.

This recipe makes 1 jar of strawberry jam. If you need to make more to give some away as a thoughtful, homemade gift, just double or triple the ingredients.

The key to a good strawberry jam is to NOT cut up all the fruit into small pieces. Leave some large pieces of fruit so that there's a chunky texture to your jam.

Easy Strawberry Jam

Easy Steps:
Step 1 - Cut up fruit
Step 2 - Boil all ingredients

Just Add Prepare
• 1 pound/500 gm strawberries

• 3/4 cup sugar

• 1 tbsp gelatin

• 1 oz/ 30 gm butter

• 1 tbs lemon juice

• a little pinch of salt

• Remove strawberry stem and cut the fruit into small pieces. Be sure to leave some aside cut into half or leave whole

• Place fruit and sugar into a heavy based saucepan

• Bring to the boil, then lower heat till the mixture is on a roiling boil. Stir to combine well

• Dissolve gelatin in a little hot water and add to the jam.

• Add all the remaining ingredients. Stir to combine well

• Leave to simmer for a few minutes till the jam becomes a bright red in color and is a thick texture

Substitute with any suitable fruit. Make Apricot Jam by substituting with apricots.


Leave some large chunks of fruit in your jam.

The hot roiling jam will bubble and these may occasionally burst. So, take care not to be burnt by the hot jam.

If you are able to purchase jam sugar, this has added gelatin. So, just add half the quantity of gelatin.


Well, wasn't that just the simplest of easy strawberry jam recipes?