How To Cook Pumpkin

This is how to cook pumpkin so that it has the right texture and flavor for the very simple and delicious pumpkin olive and cheese bread.

This is another tutorial in our series of "how to cook" super easy recipes.

Pumpkin Bread with Olive and Cheese

How To Cook? First Prepare The Fruit

First of all, prepare the fruit. To remove the thick skin, it's easiest to firstly cut it up into manageable sizes.

Trim the pumpkin

Remove the seeds and wash the pieces. Then cut the fruit into chunks.

Remove seeds and cut up the pumpkin

Place the chunks into a saucepan, with 3/4 cup of salted water.

Boil till cooked.

The cooking times and amount of water required will vary depending on the variety of pumpkin.

Take care to top up the saucepan with more boiling water, should the pan run dry. It is common to boil the pumpkin in lots of water but I prefer the absorption method so as to retain the full flavor and none of it is lost in the excess discarded cooking water.

Cook Pumpkin

Next Step In How To Cook? Season The Cooked Pumpkin

When it is very soft, drain it and season with finely diced onions, salt, pepper and about a teaspoon of cumin seeds.

Cumin seeds is a perfect pumpkin spice.

Add freshly ground pepper as suits your taste.

Cooked pumpkin seasoned with onions

How To Cook? Mashed

Here it is, seasoned and mashed with a fork. It's now ready to be combined with the other ingredients to make pumpkin bread.

Mashed pumpkin ready To make Pumpkin Bread

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