Elegant Pumpkin Pie Filling Recipe

This outstanding pumpkin pie filling recipe is a combination of flavors of seasoned and spiced pumpkin and marinaded chicken pieces quickly pan fried. The delicious filling is encased in delicate sheets of filo to create this beautifully presented filo pumpkin pie.

In the first stage of this tutorial, we learned how to cook pumpkin pie from scratch and in this section, we'll cook the very delicious marinaded meat filling.

Marinaded Chicken Pie Filling


• 1 pound/ 500 grams chicken pieces

• 1 tablespoon oil

• 2 tablespoons soy sauce

• 1 generous teaspoon cornflour

• salt, pepper

Step 1: Marinade

Firstly cut the uncooked meat into 1 inch sized pieces. Them marinade by combining it with all the ingredients as above.

Then, cover the meat and leave it in the refrigerator to marinade and just soak up the flavors.

It is best to start the marinading process overnight or at least at the start of the recipe, so as to allow time for the chicken meat to soak up the marinade. You will find meat left to marinade for longer has a deeper fuller flavor.

Marinade chicken pieces for the pumpkin pie filling recipe

Stage 2: Pan Fry

In a non-stick fry pan on high heat, pan fry the marinaded meat. Brown, then turn down the heat to medium and cook till it's done.

Non-stick cookware is always prefered to reduce additional oil in cooking.

As we know, our hips are thankful for every little bit of fat not consumed.

Else, heat a tablespoon of polyunsaturated vegetable oil in a hot pan, then cook the chicken. Rice bran oil is my preferred oil, as it's suitable for high temperature cooking.

Pan fry chicken pieces for this pumpkin pie filling recipe

This process of pan frying takes just a few minutes to brown then cooked well.

Step 3:

This process is now complete and we move to the next stage of preparing the very fragile sheets of filo.

The chicken cooked and ready as pie filling

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