Impossible Pumpkin Pie
In Delicate Filo

Do the impossible
Pumpkin pie in fine delicate filo!

...and create this very presentable pumpkin pie.

In the previous stages of this pumpkin pie tutorial, we've prepared and kept aside the delicious seasoned pumpkin filling cooked from fresh pumpkin and cooked the marinaded chicken.

We're now ready to tackle handling the extremely fragile filo pastry.

This step is not difficult, but it is fiddly and requires time for careful handling. Filo is so delicate and tears easily and you'll think this pie will be just impossible to make.

Delicate Handling For The Perfect Pumpkin Pie


  • Equipment: Spring form pan and pastry brush
  • 15 sheets of filo
  • Spray can or 1 cup of good quality vegetable oil

Before we start the process, just check that the spring form pan is ready for use.

Is the base slotted firmly into place?

Is the spring form lever firmly secure?

Step 1: Unroll very gently

To make this perfect looking pie, firstly prepare the fragile pastry.

Filo comes in a roll of extremely fragile sheets.

Have a look at it unrolled. They are so delicate, they look like the finest linen, yet we're about to make this impossible material into a sturdy pumpkin pie.

Filo pastry comes in a set of rolled sheets

Filo sheets are extremely fine and delicate

Be sure to work on a spacious, flat, clean surface where there is sufficient room to lay out two sets of pastry as well as space for your bowls of ingredients and equipment. You will need to lay out flat one set about to be oiled and another set finished.

Step 2: Prepare

Spray or brush oil onto each side of each sheet of filo pastry

These are the steps in preparing filo:

  • separate the sheets
  • oil each sheet
  • turn over and oil the other side too
  • drape the oiled sheets into the spring form baking tin.

Be very gentle when prizing apart the filo so as to minimize tearing as much as possible. You will find sheets will tear but don't discard them. Continue to prepare and oil them to use as repairs.

Spray each sheet liberally with vegetable oil.

Turn it over and spray the other side.

Lay flat the prepared sheet on a clear flat surface.

You can also apply the oil by brushing lightly with a pastry brush.


Take care to oil the edges well so that the whole sheet is moist.

Step 3: Drape

To fill the spring form pan with pastry, drape an oiled sheet over the pan. Gently press the sheet into the base and walls and allow the tops of the sheet to hang over the sides.

Repeat this process with all the sheets, laying them at different angles to each other.

Use the torn oiled sheets as well.

Lay all 15 sheets for the pastry shell so as to make a sturdy encasement for a pumpkin pie.

Drape the sheets of filo

We're now finished with the preparation of what initially appears to be an impossible pumpkin pie and it's now ready for the next step - to fill and bake this fabulous pie.

Congratulations! This was an enormously fussy and what seems an impossible process but you've done it!

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