Recipe For Pumpkin Pie
In Elegant Filo

This recipe for pumpkin pie is to create a most delicate and elegant pumpkin pie encased in a crown of fine filo pastry.

In the first stages of this tutorial, to make pumpkin pie from scratch we've made the filling with fresh pumpkin seasoned with herbs and sour cream and we've cooked a delicious marinaded chicken filling.

We're also over the most impossible part of the procedure, which was handling the extremely delicate filo pastry with great care and patience.

Fill and Wrap The Delicate Sheets

For this step you will require:

  • the delicious seasoned mashed pumpkin pie filling
  • the very tasty cooked marinaded chicken
  • the carefully oiled pastry now draped over the spring form pan
  • Spray can of cooking oil or the remainder of the cup of vegetable oil
  • a pastry brush, if oiling manually

Step 1: Layer the filling

Into the pastry shell of draped oiled filo sheets, spoon in half the seasoned fresh pumpkin pie mixture.

Spoon half the pumpkin filling into the oiled filo sheets

Then place gently all the delicious cooked chicken pieces.

Spoon chicken into the filling

Last of all, top up the filling with the remainder of the pumpkin mixture.

Step 2: Fold over the pastry

Gently fold over the overhanging layers of filo pastry right over the top of the filling to cover it entirely.

There's no need to be firm about the fold over. Try to lay them gently so that the effect looks light and flaky.

For this recipe, it looks better if it's not too neat.

Leave the last few sheets, pointing upwards so as to create the effect of a fine crown.

Fold filo sheets over the entire pie

Well done!

We're now on the downhill run of this recipe for pumpkin pie and your beautiful pie is now ready for the next stage - baking.

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