Recipes With Pumpkin

Recipes with pumpkin include this lovely delicious pie for diabetics. This delicious savory pumpkin and chicken pie is wrapped in layers of fine, delicate filo pastry. It looks superb and tastes sensational!

In the first stage of the recipe, we learned how to cook fresh pumpkin for the pie filling so that we know with certainty there is no added sugar.

Please take great care to avoid additional sugar in a diabetic's diet.

Cook the Chicken Filling


• 500gm/1 pound chicken meat diced

• 1 tbs oil

• 2 tbs soy sauce

• 1 tsp cornflour

• salt, pepper

Step 1: Marinade

Cut 1 pound/ 500gm of chicken pieces into 1 inch sized cubes.

Marinade with the seasoning as above.

Ideally, allow the chicken meat to soak up the marinade in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours. It's not essential, but meat does taste so much richer when marinade has time to soak into the meat.

Defrost or cook the spinach for the pie filling

Step 2: Pan Fry

Pan fry the marinaded chicken meat in a non-stick fry pan. I prefer using non-stick cookware so as to avoid additional oil in my cooking.

As we know, our hips are thankful for every little bit of fat not consumed.

Otherwise cook with a tablespoon of polyunsaturated vegetable oil. I prefer to use rice bran oil as it is suitable for high temperature cooking.

Add ricotta and fetta cheese to the spinach

Pan frying will take only a few minutes. Brown on high and then lower the heat till the meat is well cooked.

Step 3:

Leave this aside for the moment while you prepare the filo pastry.

The chicken and the pumpkin filling will both go into this diabetic pumpkin pie recipe.

The chicken cooked and ready as pie filling

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