Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe

This super easy barbecue chicken recipe, is honey mustard chicken cooked on the BBQ.

This is an ideal recipe for when friends are over as it's tasty, looks super and will make you look like a gourmet!

All it takes is to marinade the chicken pieces for a few hours for the juices to really soak in. You can do this in the morning before heading off to work.

This dish - looks GREAT and tastes YUMMY!

Serves 8 Persons

Just Add Marinade
• 50 gm seeded mustard

• 100ml honey

• 50 ml white wine vinegar

• Mix marinade ingredients together.

• This should make up about 3/4 up of marinade

• 1kg/8 pieces Chicken Thighs

• Large zip lock bag

• Place chicken pieces in a wide flat dish

• Pour the marinade over the chicken meat, so that all the pieces are soaking in the marinade.

• Leave to marinade in the fridge for at least 4 hours

• Place chicken pieces on a hot BBQ tray

• Pour marinade over chicken pieces while cooking

• Cook, turning over when brown on each side

• Sit the nicely browned cooked chicken pieces onto a bed of crisp lettuce on a large platter

This easy barbecue chicken recipe goes perfectly with other easy bbq recipes:

  • BBQ corn on the cob - all moist and steamy cooked in their husks
  • a crisp easy salad
  • crunchy bread
  • followed by a cool mango mousse

So that the chicken pieces are all evenly soaking in the marinade, I put the chicken thighs into a large zip lock plastic bag and pour the marinade in. This bag then goes in the fridge.

The alternative is to use a wide flat glass or ceramic dish, so that all the pieces of chicken get a good soaking in the juicy marinade.


Now, sit back on the terrace and enjoy the cool of the evening with your family around you, with a lovely tasty meal.

As a busy mum, I find the best part is the minimal washing up.

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Easy Barbecue Chicken Recipe

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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