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Easy Christmas Cake

This Easy Christmas Cake Recipe makes

Christmas Cake With Nuts

Christmas Cake With Nuts

  • 2 loaf Christmas Cakes, and
  • 3 cup cake trays of 6 each ie 18 Christmas Cup Cakes

I've found most Christmas cakes are enormous and this simply, isn't practical if you can't eat it all within a few days.

So, this recipe is ideal as the spare cakes can be frozen or given as Christmas gifts.

This easy Christmas cake is moist, heavy and more-ish. It is made in a large saucepan with minimal washing up.

The measurements are equivalent to packets of products from the supermarket. This takes the bother out of measuring ingredients and you're not left with small amounts to store.

For items such as flour and sugar which are available in larger quantities, I use measurement cups. That way, you don't have to fuss about weighing small amounts of ingredients. The most convenient one is a 4 cup measure which should measure liters as well as cup amounts.

Easy Christmas Cake

Just Add Prepare Fruit For Soaking
• 375 gm/1 pkt Raisins

• 250 gm/1 pkt Pitted Prunes, chopped large

• 250 gm/1 pkt Sultanas or Currants

• 250 gm/1 pkt Mixed Peel

• 100 gm/1 pkt Glace Cherries, cut in half

• 3 cups Rum

• 1.5 cups/1 can Apricot Nectar

• Put altogether in a large plastic container with a lid

• Mix together well

• Soak for 2 days at least. The longer the better

• When ready to use, most of the liquid will have been absorbed. The mixture will look wet and fruit plump.

Just Add Make Cake
• 250 gm/1 block Butter

• 1.5 cups Dark brown sugar, tightly packed

• Turn on the oven at 160C

• Melt butter in a large sauce pan on moderate heat in the stove. Take it off the heat once the butter has melted

• Tip in all the brown sugar

• Mix with a wooden spoon and keep mixing till the mixture thickens and firms.

• 300 gm/1 med jar Apricot Jam

• 3 Tbspn Golden Syrup

• 4 Eggs beaten

• Fruit Mixture, well soaked

• Mix in the apricot jam and golden syrup till no longer lumpy.

• Add in the beaten eggs.

• Mix the eggs in till it is all combined.

• Mix in the fruit

• 1.5 Cups Self Raising Flour

• 1 Cup Plain Flour

• 1 Tbspn Mixed Spice

• 300 gm/ 1 large block Chocolate pieces

• 350 gm/ 1 pkt Walnuts

• 200gm/ 2 sm pkts/ 1 cup blanched almonds

• Tip in the flours and mixed spice, mix in well

• Add in the chocolate pieces and walnuts

• Combine well.

• Spoon into cup cake trays and loaf tins

• Decorate with blanched almonds

• Bake the two loaf tins for 1 hour; and the cup cakes for 35 minutes

• Test with a cake tester. It's cooked when the skewer comes out clean.

• Take it out of the oven and rest for 10 minutes

• Gently spoon more rum into the tops of the cake for added flavour (Optional)

• Let them cool on a wire rack.

• If you're freezing them, wrap them firmly in cling wrap when cooled or pop your christmas cup cakes into an airtight container.

• Defrost for a day prior to serving.

Soak double the quantity of fruit in rum and store in the fridge so that you can make more at any time during the Christmas holidays.

I've found rum to be the most flavorsome for soaking fruit. Other fortified liqueurs do not seem to have as strong a flavor.

Silicone baking trays are most ideal as there is no fussing with lining and greasing it.


This easy Christmas cake is in proportions that are practical and there's no waste. Your family will love this moist fruit cake.

To make a gift parcel, place your Christmas cup cakes on a square plate, wrap with clear cellophane paper and tie with a generous big ribbon.

These days with concerns about nut allergies, you may wish to consider an Easy Christmas Cake without nuts.

Wishing you happy cooking!

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