Easy Christmas Recipes
to Make The Day Relaxing For You Too!

Here are the easy Christmas recipes I and my family make. We share the work around so that a feast is created with the least amount of work.

Christmas Wreath for Recipes For Christmas

No Fuss

Fruit Salad

Ice Cream Pudding




Sophia's Xmas


Rum Balls

Egg Nog

Tips For Christmas Entertaining

The secret to easy entertaining at Christmas is:

  • make most of the party food well ahead of the big day

  • set the table for the feast a couple of days before hand. I know what it's like and it takes time to get out, wash and prepare the formal or party occassion crockery, flatware, beautiful glassware, napkins, platters, the wine and so forth

  • Prepare early so that you have a chance to get to the shops before it all shuts down for the holidays.

  • Make your Christmas cake weeks ahead. All you have to do is serve it with cream or ice cream

  • Use make ahead recipes your dips and salsas

  • Make the Christmas cookies a couple of days in advance and store in an airtight container

  • Prepare all the vegetables the day before - rinsed, trimmed, sliced so that it's all ready to go on before your guests arrive

  • Soups should be made and ready on Christmas Eve

  • The roast should be marinaded and in the oven a couple of hours before Christmas lunch

  • Buy and arrange the flowers on Christmas Eve

  • Be sure to have stocked up on wine, beer and drinks. Do a stock take latest Christmas Eve while the liquor store is still open for trade.

  • Have you found the Christmas CD or downloaded the music? Delegate this!

  • Of course, you will have decorated your home a week before

  • ...and don't forget to gift wrap the pressies and be sure to always have a couple of spare generic gifts

So, all you have to do, on Christmas Day is arrange the food on beautiful platters, greet your guests and relax!

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