Christmas Dessert Recipe
Chocolate Log

This Chocolate Log is a No-Fail Christmas Dessert Recipe. It's from our collection of incredibly easy recipes that look sensational and taste divine!

Rating: Easy
Hands-On Time: 20 minutes
Hands-Off Time: 2 hours
Ingredients: 5
Steps: 3, then refrigerate

This recipe for this Christmas dessert is incredibly effortless.

Ingredients for A Double Chocolate Log

This recipe has simple to follow step by step instructions on how to make this scrumptious Christmas dessert.

  • Equipment: A Christmas platter
  • Handheld electric beater
  • Cream
  • Gingernut Cookies (Biscuits in UK and Australia)
  • Nutella
  • Chocolate topping or sprinkles
  • Sweet Sherry or Rum

3 Steps To A Scrumptious
Chocolate Log

Step 1:

Whip the cream.

Step 2:

Then sandwich the cookies like in this photo of the dessert.

Step 3:

Cover the dessert entirely to make a snowy white log.

Step 4:


Decorate the Christmas Dessert just before serving.

This dessert recipe presents elegantly and tastes divine!

This dessert goes perfectly with...

This sophisticated and so easy Christmas Dessert Recipe was served with a traditional Christmas dinner of ham and roast turkey. As we had 26 guests over for this holiday celebration, to be sure we had sufficient dessert, I made 3 other sensational desserts including this stunning recipe - Strawberry Christmas Wreath.

Christmas Log, An Elegant Christmas Dessert Recipe

  • A long platter
  • Hand held electric beater

Just Add Prepare
• 2 1/2 pints/2 x 600 ml cream for whipping

• 2 x packets of ginger nut cookies

• 1 cup Nutella

• 2 tbs sweet sherry

• Chocolate topping or sprinkles

• Optional: 12 truffles

• Whip 2 lots of cream. Reserve one half for topping the log

• Using one lot, spread 1/4 of the amount as a layer on the base of your serving platter

• Spread the back of each cookie with some Nutella and whipped cream. Stand it on its edge on the base of cream, just like in the photo

• Repeat, sandwiching the cookies into a roll. Squish the cookies together to keep the log or roll firm. Finish one packet of cookies then start on the next. Lay the next roll right up close to the first one

• Using a little teaspoon, sprinkle sherry onto the cookies, taking care it soaks into the cookie not onto the cream

• Cover this Christmas dessert with all of the other half of cream

• Cover the dessert with cling wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, although 4 hours is preferable

• Just prior to serving, decorate by drizzling chocolate sauce or sprinkles

• Optional: If you have Christmas truffles, spread them around this dessert

This is easy dessert is ideal for pot luck recipes for a Christmas function. It's delicious, looks sensational and transports easily.

To serve slice diagonally, across both rows of cookies.

Tips For Christmas Recipes

For recipes using cookie layers, you can substitute with a plain cookie but they do go soft when refrigerated. Ginger nut ones are best for these sorts of recipes because they're hard and crunchy and retain their firm texture when served 12 - 24 hours after making it.

For this recipe, whip the cream till very thick.

Take care to have the sherry soak into the cookie and not the cream as it'll just go unpleasantly watery.

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