Easy Smoothie Recipe
Low Fat
Banana, Peaches and Honey

This LOW FAT easy smoothie recipe of banana, tinned peaches and honey is a simple and quick way of getting our daily calcium intake.

Low Fat Banana, Peaches and Honey Smoothie

This recipe makes 4 smoothies.

Serve in a tall glass.

Just Add Prepare
• 1 cup low fat yoghurt

• 3 cups low fat milk

• 2 cups of tinned peaches, drained

• 2 ripe bananas

• 2 tbsp honey

• Pop all the ingredients into a blender

• Blend till smooth

• Pour into tall glasses.

• If your children aren't fussy, top with a sprinkling of cinnamon

Smoothies are so easy as you just pop them in the blender and it is invariably delicious.

...talk about EASY...


If you have the time, chill tall or hi-ball glasses in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

If your blender is too small, just halve or quarter the recipe and make smoothies one at a time.

Garnish with a piece of peach slice


Smoothies are perfect for breakfast if you have the time. The preparation time is minimal, but you do have to wash up the blender as this can't be left unwashed as it will otherwise be a breeding area for bacteria.

Enjoy smoothies with our other breakfast or brunch recipes. It makes for a perfect leisurely morning with the family.

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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