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Easy Brunch Recipes

There's nothing quite like a leisurely weekend brunch. Here are some easy brunch recipes that don't take too much work and are tasty and filling.

Firstly, some easy brunch ideas.

  • Spanish Omelets
  • Bacon, Eggs and Tomato
  • Ham and Corn Muffins
  • Brioche and Croissants
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Yoghurt with berries
  • Cheese and Ham bread

Serve your brunch with fresh milk, juice, freshly brewed tea or coffee.

It's always nice to have a little arrangement of flowers to dress your table, to give your meal a relaxed and cheery atmosphere.

Here is our family's recipe for Spanish Omelet. This is really the easiest of the easy brunch recipes.

Easy Spanish Omelet

This recipe makes enough for 6 servings.

Just Add Prepare
•6 eggs, beaten

• 2 tomatoes, diced

• 2 cups of frozen peas

• 6 slices of ham, diced

• 1 1/2 cups shredded tasty cheese

• Use a large electric non-stick fry pan as this is quite a large omelet

• Pour the beaten eggs into the heated fry pan, on moderate to high setting

• Let it set a little, then pour in ham evenly

• Next add in tomatoes,peas and tasty cheese

• Cook on moderate heat till the omelet is firm and just cooked through. Best not to overcook so that it remains light and fluffy

• Fold over in half and serve on a large platter.

Wasn't that easy?

It takes no time at all, and you've cooked brunch for 6 people!

Serve the omelet with crusty french loaf, croissants or brioche.

Cut some fresh fruit to clear the palate.

Yoghurt with berries will add a little something special to the meal.

Tips for easy brunch recipes
Instead of cooking 6 omelets, using an electric fry pan means you can cook this once and cut it up into six serves.


To make a special refreshment, make a jug of fruit juice mixed with sparkling water. For something different, I use a 50/50 mix of lychee juice and sparkling water.

Here's the simple homemade pancakes recipe, perfect for brunch.

Wishing you happy cooking!

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