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Easy Smoothie Recipes
Smoothies 101

Here are the basics on how to make smoothies. Use these easy smoothie recipes as the basic standard and then experiment with different fruit.

Smoothies are an excellent food source. It's full of dairy and carbohydrate and ideal for a tasty energy boost.

Smoothies are made of fruit, milk and honey.

Variations include the use of yoghurt and spices such as cinnamon.

Naturally for a healthy smoothie, use low fat milk and low fat yoghurt.

They take no time at all to make as you toss the ingredients into a blender and "mush" it all up.

Smoothies 101

Here is a basic banana smoothie for 2 persons.

Just Add Prepare
• 2 cups low fat mild

• 2 ripe bananas

• 1 tbspn honey

• 1/2 cup low fat yoghurt (optional)

• Toss all the ingredients into a blender and blend

• Serve in a tall chilled glass

Now, how easy was that!

Smoothies are a meal in themselves, full of the goodness of fruit and milk.

That was a basic 101 of smoothies.

You can vary the ingredients by changing to fruit in season or to use up surplus uneaten fruit.


Use low fat dairy milk and yoghurt.

Add yoghurt if you like your smoothies a little thicker.

Sprinkle cinnamon on top for that extra depth in flavor.


We hope you'll enjoy making and drinking smoothies with the easy smoothie recipes.

Have you tried these smoothies?

Smoothie - Peaches, Banana and Honey

Wishing you happy cooking!

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Smoothies 101

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