How To Cook Butternut Squash

On this page, we learn how to cook butternut squash, also known as butternut pumpkin or acorn squash.

We're in this tutorial of a series of easy recipes, to make an elegant pumpkin dessert of a chocolate base textured with graham cracker crumbs topped with butternut squash cheesecake set in firm jello.

Here's how to cook a butternut squash

For this part of the recipe, you'll require:

  • 1 pound or 500 grams of butternut squash
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • water to boil the squash

Firstly, trim the skin from the butternut. It's easy if you firstly cut it into manageable sizes then slice off the skin.

Trim the skin off the butternut squash

Remove the seeds.

Rinse the trimmed butternut and dice the squash into chunks.

How to cook butternut squash

For this easy dessert recipe, the squash will be cooked in sugared water and will be mashed finely or pureed. This sweet puree will be used as the main ingredient for this elegant dessert.

Butternut is such a versatile fruit and if it is to go in savory dishes, just boil it in salted water.

To boil the butternut, pop them into a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of sugar and water to come up to about 3/4 level of the fruit.

Boil pumpkin chunks in lots of sugared water

Bring to a rapid boil then keep boiling till the squash is very tender. For this recipe, the fruit will be pureed, so cook till very soft.

Then drain away all the excess liquid.

Use a colander to drain the cooked fruit to discard as much water as possible. We don't want the puree to be mushy.

Now, puree the cooked butternut squash by using a blender or a potato masher. In this instance, because there is such a small quantity, I find it simpler to use a masher.

Puree the tender cooked pumpkin

Butternut squash is easy to cook and so versatile as it is successfully used in easy recipes for both savory and sweet recipes. The squash absorbs the surrounding flavors and together with the bright orange, makes meals and treat attractive to look at and delicious to boot.

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