Easy French Toast Recipe

This is a simple, easy french toast recipe. This is a favorite in our family as it's quick to cook and tasty, served simply with brown sugar.

French toast is ideal for weekend mornings when your family has the time for a leisurely breakfast.

Absolutely yummy!

Easy French Toast

This recipe serves 4 persons.

Just Add Prepare
• 3 eggs, well beaten

• 4 slices of bread

• Melt a little butter in a moderately hot fry pan

• Soak bread into the beaten egg, using a fork to press it in to soak up the egg

• Pop the soaked bread into the hot fry pan and cook till golden brown

• Repeat for all slices of bread

• Serve hot, topped with brown sugar or golden syrup

This is a wholesome healthy meal for the family

Now, how easy was that!


Try to minimize the use of cooking oil or butter, so use a non-stick fry pan and the least possible amount of butter.

French toast does taste better when cooked with a little butter and a tiny dash of salt in the egg.

For our family breakfasts, we use just ordinary wholemeal sandwich bread. But if you have guests over, you may want to purchase specialty breads from the deli.


I hope you too will enjoy this easy french toast recipe.

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Easy French Toast Recipe

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Wishing you happy cooking!

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