Bob's REd Mill
Green Split Peas

Bob's Red Mill Green Split Peas - 29 ounce bag, 4 in a pack

Bob's Red Mill Beans Green Split Peas, 29-Ounce (Pack of 4)

About Bob's Red Mill Green Split Peas

  • The product comes in a handy, easy to use size - 29 ounce bag

  • There are 4 bags in a pack, so you don't run out

  • Split peas are cholesterol free

  • There are no trans fats

  • This is a kosher product

  • All Amazon's reviewers gave this a five star rating

  • Bob's Red Mill products are well known for their consistent quality products and what more, they warrant their products as well. Their products include the best offerings in legumes, cereals, flours and grains.

  • These spit peas are slightly sweet and have an almost spring pea flavor, just like you'd expect of a fresh pea.  I use split peas in soups and as natural thickeners in casseroles, stews and blended soups.

  • As we know, peas are high in fiber, low in fat, and these peas are high in flavor.

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