Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake

In this first stage in making a pumpkin pie cheesecake from scratch, we'll learn how to easily make the crumb crust.

If you've just come into this no-bake pie tutorial, you'll find we've listed all the ingredients and the recipe for the pumpkin cheesecake recipe.

This is a light dessert and I've made it with half the usual cheesecake quantities so that the family will consume just a little less calories.

Here's how to make the crumb crust.

You'll require:

  • Equipment: Removable Non-Stick Flan Pan
  • Graham crackers or shredded wheat crackers
  • Clean unused medium sized freezer plastic bag
  • A heavy saucepan
  • Butter

  • Removable flan pan

    Step 1:

    Crush into fine crumbs.

    While this step may look tedious, it isn't if you're using Graham Crackers or Shredded Wheatmeal crackers. These are dry sweet plain crackers that have a loose crumbly texture.

    The plain biscuits

    Place the crackers in a plastic bag. Tie to secure.

    Place the biscuits in a bag

    Use a heavy saucepan, crush the crackers. The finely crushed crumbs will form the pie crust.

    Crush the biscuits in a bag

    Crush them till they are very fine crumbs.

    Crush the crackers till they are fine crumbs

    Step 2:

    Melt butter and combine

    Melt butter in a saucepan

    Add the fine crumbs all at once to the melted butter.

    Add the biscuit crumbs

    Combine so that all the fine crumbs are coated in melted butter.

    Step 3:

    Spoon the crumb mixture into the non-stick removable flan pan and press firmly into the sides and bottom of the pan.

    Press the crumbs into the pan

    Place in the cheesecake pie crust in the freezer to chill and firm while you attend to the other steps.

    For cheesecakes, it is best to use either a spring form pan or a pan with removable walls. In either case, be sure to use non-stick baking pans.

    It's just more practical to use non-stick pans as the cheesecake is served on the non-stick pan base. There's no need to fuss about lining the base and then needing to remove it.

    In this recipe, I've halved the quantities and the cheesecake is made in a shallow flan pan. This is done so as to reduce portion sizes - my family loves dessert and especially cheesecakes so, a normal sized high walled cheesecake will mean certain overeating!

    The recipe: Pie Cheesecake Recipe

    Next step: Prepare a fresh pumpkin

    Then: Prepare the cheesecake filling

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