Here is the next stage on how to make this diabetic pumpkinpie. We've taken care to cook fresh pumpkin so as to control the intake of additional sugars. As well, the marinaded chicken is cooked to perfection.

The pie fillings are cooked and ready for this procedure.

Fill and Wrap Up

What you require for this step:

  • the prepared oiled pastry sheets draped over the spring form pan
  • the delicious marinaded meat filling
  • the seasoned pureed pumpkin pie filling
  • a cup of good quality vegetable oil or a can of oil spray
  • a pastry brush

Step 1: Layer

Spoon into the pastry shell of draped oiled filo sheets, half the seasoned fresh pumpkin pie mixture.

Spoon half the pumpkin filling into the draped filo sheets

Spoon in all the cooked chicken pieces.

Spoon chicken into the filling

And lastly, spoon over the remainder of the mixture.

Step 2: Wrap up

Gently fold over the overhanging layers of filo pastry over the top of the filling to cover it entirely.

There's no need to be firm about the fold over. Try to lay them gently so that the effect looks light and flaky.

For the last few sheets, just leave the pointed up to look like a crown.

Fold filo sheets over and wrap up the pie

Well done!

The hardest part is over and it's now ready for the next stage - getting the pie baked.

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Ready For Baking

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