ORganic Cooking Chocolate
70% Cocoa Minimum

Cooking Chocolate: Green & Black's Organic Dark Cocoa Chocolate. 3.5 ounce bars,  Pack of 10

Cooking Chocolate: Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Bar, Dark 70% Cocoa, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 10)

About Green & Black's Organic Cooking Chocolate

  • 3.5 ounce bars, 10 in a pack

  • Top grade dark cocoa with 70% cocoa content

  • The product website states the chocolate is soy free and is an organic product

  • The Soil Association of UK, the equivalent of USA's NOP has certified no genetically modified ingredients are used in its production

  • Reviewers gave this product a 4 star rating, with the majority extremely happy with the silky textured dark chocolate

  • Some reviewers have complained that it is Kraft owned and as a result should be boycotted ( I think you should form your own opinion); others complain the chocolate has bloomed being past the expiry date. I don't think this latter is a problem as products can be returned.

  • There is concern that buyers should purchase from Green and Black as the distributor and not another supplier.

  • For cooking, only ever use the best quality dark chocolate. If it's not good enough to eat straight out of the packet, it's not good enough for your cooking.

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