Quick Easy Recipe For Spaghetti Sauce
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cheesy mushroom homemade spaghetti sauce plated

Rating:  Very Easy
Hands-On Time: 15 minutes
Hands-Off Time: 0
Ingredients: 3
Steps: 2

Truly...Easy...All this takes is to cook together cheese and cream and toss in the sauteed vegetable.  By the time the spaghetti's cooked, the sauce will be ready.

Bon Appetit!

ingredients for this recipe for spaghetti sauce

Ingredients for this quick tasty recipe for spaghetti sauce:

1 pound/ 500 gms mushrooms

2 cups of melty cheese like mozzarella

1 cup cream

salt and pepper to taste

Optional - herbs handy in your spice drawer. I used dried chives.

sliced mushrooms and a bottle of garlic olive oil

Firstly slice up the mushrooms and fry them in hot oil. I've used seasoned olive oil and you can see the little bottle of garlic flavored oil that was a gift at Christmas.

If you want to be fancy, use specialty mushrooms. They do have a stronger, deeper, earthier flavors, but we like the ones straight from the supermarket!

fry mushrooms in frypan

The trick with cooking mushrooms is NOT to season them till after they're completely cooked. Otherwise they'll ooze liquid and you'll have a limp overly liquid mushroom sauce.

Remove them from the pan and reserve aside to serve when the sauce is ready.

melted cheese and cream to make spaghetti sauce

Now for step 2 - toss the shredded cheeses and cream into the skillet and cook till it's all blended and combined to make a nice thick sauce.

Season it to your liking, but I find that these cheeses are salty enough, so I only add some freshly ground pepper. You'll see I found some dried chives in the pantry and I've added a table spoon of the herb.

spaghetti with cheesy mushroom sauce plated

There we go!

By the time the spaghetti's cooked, this sauce will be ready.

To plate:

Swirl onto the dinner plate a serving of spaghetti.

Pour over the delicious sauce you've made from this recipe.

Scatter over the sauteed mushrooms.


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