What Is Valentines Day?

What is all this fuss about? What is Valentines Day? What is so special about February 14?

Valentines Day is the most celebrated holiday around the world second only to New Years Day.

This celebration falls on February 14 each year, although it remains a working day and is about the celebration of romantic love where couples and lovers exchange greeting cards, flowers, chocolate and in modern times, gifts.

How Do Couples Celebrate

Often secret admirers will send anonymous cards and flowers to the pleasure and delight of the desired recipient.

Many people are cynical, this celebration, afterall, is a retailer's dream, and in fact, at the turn of the 20th Century, Valentine's Day used to be called Hallmark Day - Hallmark being the leading card manufacturer.

Prices of red roses triple overnight for flowers requiring delivery on February 14. Stores sell an abundance of boxed chocolates, many in heart shaped boxes and single girls hope for a proposal and hopefully diamond ring on this special holiday.

It is celebrated with a lovely dinner that evening and prices are outrageous for this one night, as most restaurants will be overbooked.

For privacy, a couple would celebrate with a lovely meal cooked at home with a table laid with their best table ware and a delightful romantic meal with lovely table decorations and candles.

Celebrations Around The World

Around the world there are variations to the celebration but in essence February 14 is about the acknowledgment and appreciation of romantic love between couples.

In Japan, the cost of gifts is significant and subtle messages such as the man returning a gift of a similar cost means that he's no longer interested and is a message to break off the relationship.

In Brazil, there is no acknowledgement of this lovers celebration in February as it is too close to the major Brazilian Carnivale. It is a wonderful festival of parades, floats, people dressed in wild yet elegant costumes and all night partying. Brazil plays hosts to many tourists at this time, some who visit so as to escape the social pressures of Valentines Day at home.

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