Chocolate Tart
Photo Tutorial For
A Jamie Oliver Recipe

The best ever chocolate tart recipe is the one I found on Jamie Oliver's "Cook with Jamie" and it shares the recipe he uses in his London Bistro, "Fifteen".  On this page is the photo tutorial for each of the steps in making the filling and finishing off this luscious chocolate tart.

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In the first part of this step by step photo tutorial, we made the wonderful chocolate pastry and we've just placed it in the oven to bake blind.

Click on the photo to go to page 1 of this tutorial and you'll see how this incredibly easy and super delicious pastry is made from scratch.

Let's make the Chocolate Tart Filling

Break the chocolate pieces into a roomy saucepan. Add 1/2 the quantity of milk and all the sugar and stir while it melts. Keep the temperature on medium and watch this constantly as we do not want the chocolate to burn.

Turn off the heat as soon as it's melted, but keep combining till the mixture is smooth.

Stir in the beaten egg.

Stir in the cream and the remainder of the milk till it is a lovely thick smooth mixture. Here it is  - the chocolate mixture is ready to be poured into the baked pastry shell.

Carefully pour the filling in, taking care to fill only to just below the rim, as otherwise it will be too difficult to handle.

Bake at 325F/170C for 30 minutes. The filling will be slightly wobbly but remember, chocolate keeps cooking even when it's out of the oven.

Look, isn't this just gorgeous!

Allow to cool on the kitchen bench while the filling continues to cook, then place in the fridge till it is to be served.

To remove the tart, just lift the base of the flan pan away from the wall and place the whole thing (including the metal base) onto a serving plate.  The pastry is extremely and deliciously short and any attempt to move it away from the metal base may crumble the pie crust, so the tart is best left on the base.

Serve with thick dollops of freshly whipped thickened cream.

...completely decadent, luscious, absolutely unhealthy, full of cholesterol and the best ever chocolate tart...

As with all rich food, eat sparingly.

Tips from Easy Recipes

Here are my easy tricks to keep cooking simple and quick.

When melting chocolate, I don't bother with a double boiler and melt it straight in a pan but take care NEVER to let water touch the melting hot chocolate as it will spit - it's very dangerous when that happens.

Take it off the heat as soon as the chocolate melts to prevent burning.  To enure that I don't overcook or burn melted chocolate, keep the heat on medium.

Never boil milk nor cream. The dairy products stirred in gives the filling a thick creamy texture and there is no need to boil it.

Leave Chocolate Tart to be inspired by hundreds of delicious and sensationally easy recipes that will have the family running to dinner!