How To Cook Bacon
MicroWave Cooking Takes 2 Minutes

Learn how to cook bacon in the microwave

Learn how to cook bacon

Microwave cooking turns out a nice crispy result but the exploding spattering fat makes a horrible mess in the microwave oven.  The process takes all of 2 and a half minutes! No time at all!

...and is an ideal way of cooking bacon quickly when you need to add it to soups or tasty bread recipes.  It's a quick way of jazzing up easy recipes.

Rating: Very Easy

Hands-Off Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Cook Bacon In The Microwave
Step By Step Photo Tutorial

  • Lay paper towels or kitchen paper onto a ceramic plate

  • Place the rashers on the paper so they do not overlap

  • Using another sheet of kitchen paper, cover the bacon rashers completely.

  • Take care it is completely covered.  Bacon fat splatters and explodes while cooking in the microwave and the paper towel absorbs all that spluttering fat.

  • Cook on high for 2 minutes 30 seconds

  • Remove the top paper towel and there you are, perfectly cooked bacon

  • Use this short cut  easy method to cook bacon quickly when you're making recipes that require the addition of this tasty ingredient.

Tips From Easy Recipes

  • Because this smoked meat is fatty, we only ever use rashers that are trimmed of excess fat.  We avoid streaky bacon as it really is mostly fat

  • To work quickly with bacon, use kitchen scissors to trim fat or to cut it quickly into smaller pieces. It is much faster than trimming with a knife. A sturdy pair of scissors makes work easy in the kitchen.

  • It is much cheaper to purchase rashers in bulk. Separate them into meal sized portions and freeze. Do this once and it makes cooking later easy.

  • Cook some straight way either in the microwave oven or fry pan, then freeze the surplus. This comes in handy when you need to add cooked bacon to recipes
  • It quickly adds depth of flavor to soups, pies and quiches so it is handy to have some pre-cooked frozen rashers in the freezer

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