How To Cook Boiled Eggs To Perfection

Learn how to cook boiled eggs like this with a soft runny yolk.

This is how to cook boiled eggs so that it is perfect with runny, just cooked yolks. Not only does this dish take all of 5 minutes from start to the table, boiled eggs are naturally tasty with just a dash of salt and pepper, and ever so healthy.

Easy Recipes Rating:  Incredibly Simple

Hands-On Time: 10 seconds

Hands-Off Time: 3 minutes

This is the equipment required:

  • The kettle to boil water quickly

  • A roomy saucepan

  • The eggs

Once the water has boiled

  • Place the eggs in the pot to cook

  • Pour water over the eggs to entirely cover them as they cook

  • The alternative is to have the water boiled in the pot and then place the eggs in the rapidly boiling water.  I consider this dangerous given the potential for scalding.

  • Bring to a rapid boil on the stove top

  • Cook the boiled eggs for 3 minutes

  • Take it off the heat as soon as the timer "dings" at 3 minutes

  • Serve immediately while the eggs are hot

  • Serve boiled eggs in special egg cups like in the photo.  To open a boiled egg, tap the egg and with a small sharp knife slice off the top third

  • Season with salt and pepper and if you're keen on an exotic flavor, use a touch of light soy sauce

  • Eat boiled eggs by scooping from the shell with a small teaspoon

Tip from Easy Recipes

This recipe for boiled eggs is correct for locations at sea level, but at higher altitudes, water boils at a lower temperature.  The water may be boiling but it won't be hot enough yet to cook eggs.  So if you're in an alpine or mountainous area at 1600 meters, you'll need to increase the cooking time.